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We have taken the decision to close down AhHa Publications Ltd and Monkey Wellbeing

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Monkey is delighted to have worked with Paediatric Asthma Specialists, children, young people and families providing child friendly materials to help reinforce key health messages and engage families living with asthma.

Monkey’s asthma resources promote discussion, involvement and encourage children to participate on their journey.

Please take a look at the free materials we have added to Monkey Wellbeing’s Asthma page.

Asthma Symptom Checkers

Ask About Asthma posters

Monkey proudly supports the Healthy London Partnership with health literacy materials.

Take a look at the #AskAboutAsthma Campaign, #WorldAsthmaDay and #RightInhalerImage campaigns.

Using an Inhaler – Poster.

A poster to download and display - Do you know how to use your inhaler correctly? Do you know when to use your inhaler? Have you got an asthma management plan?

Format: pdf - 4 MB

Asthma Plan Poster

A poster reminding children, young people and families to have an asthma / wheeze plan for home school and nursery.

Format: pdf - 3 MB


... Additional Asthma Resources

#RightInhalerImage Campaign Poster

Created for the #RightInhalerImage Campaign, this poster reminds the media and anyone talking about asthma to use correct imaging. Always use a spacer with an inhaler.

Format: pdf - 1 MB

My Reward Chart (asthma)

Everyone loves to be rewarded! This Reward Chart encourages children and young people to be positively and actively involved with their health journey.

Format: pdf - 1 MB