Hi, welcome to my Partners’ page!

I’ve been fortunate enough to work with some wonderful people and organisations that all share my passion for supporting and educating children.

Whether it’s working with professional bodies like the NHS producing products that familiarise children with their facilities, working with schools to create supporting educational materials, or with retailers simply keen to stock my storybooks and accessories and spread the word, I’m always looking to make new friends and work with new organisations.

Here you can find out how to work with me, or if we’re already working together please login to your account.

You can also find useful resources that I and my partners have made together that may help you and your organisations.

Partners’ Resources

We’ve been working really hard, my partners and I, and I’m sure there’s something here that could be useful for you too.

Why not take a look below?

Resources for Schools

I love working with schools as I always learn something new. Together we’ve produced lots of fun and friendly materials designed to help other teachers in the classroom.

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Resources for the NHS

I’ve been working with my friends at the NHS throughout the country for a while now and together we’ve produced loads of useful and fun materials for you to use.

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Friends and Family Test

Completely free to download, Monkey’s FFT forms include the headline question ‘How likely are you to recommend our service to friends and family if they needed similar care or treatment?’.

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Posters and Leaflets

I have a range of fun and colourful posters available for your ward, classroom or department, as well as informative leaflets. Featuring free downloads about asthma, autism and more.

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