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Friends and Family Tests (FFT)

My friends at the NHS have revised the FFT guidance, which takes effect from 1 April 2020.

  • What has changed
  • The new question

There is a new standard question for all settings: “Overall, how was your experience of our service?”

The new question has a new response scale: [ ] Very good [ ] Good [ ] Neither good nor poor [ ] Poor [ ] Very poor [ ] Don’t know and new preceding text to make it clear which setting the feedback refers to, following the words: “Thinking about”, providers can choose the most appropriate of these options or use their own similar wording – this will help ensure the feedback collected is related to the right service: your GP practice… your stay in the hospital… your dental practice… your recent visit to A&E… this maternity service… our antenatal service… our labour ward… our birthing unit… our homebirth service… our postnatal ward… our postnatal community service… your recent appointment… your recent visit… our recent visit… the service we provide…

Monkey Wellbeing’s revised Friends and Family test forms adhere to the new guidance and are free to download.

Alternatively the Picker Institute offers a children’s and young people’s FFT form featuring Monkey and can conduct surveys on your behalf, managing data collection, analysis and presentation.

I want to Download Free Friends and Family Test Forms

Choose from my selection of free forms below.

Outpatients Forms – Friends and Family Tests

Walk-In Centre Friends and Family Tests

Accident and Emergency FFTs

Minor Injury Unit Friends and Family Tests

GP Friends and Family Tests

Dental Practice Friends and Family Tests

Community Services/ Inpatients Friends and Family Tests

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Generic – Service/Centre/Other Friends and Family Tests

I would like the Picker Institute to manage my FFT Forms

Picker Institute Europe is a not-for-profit charity that offers health professionals a range of tools to help understand patient experiences. They have explored children’s views to recommend a suitable Friends and Family Test question for children and young people. Full findings and a link to the form for acute hospital settings is here.The Picker Institute also provides a managed service for running the FFTs, including help with implementation, training for staff, form printing, data capture, and survey reporting and analysis. For more details, please email

I would like to Download Free Friends and Family Test Feedback Materials

We also offer a range of supplementary materials designed to help you gather FFT feedback. Download our free posters, cut-outs and signposting materials to help promote the forms in your ward or department.

I would like Healthcare Communications to manage my FFT

Healthcare Communications work with over 65 Trusts to capture and report on patient experiences. By providing several communication options, they ensure every patient group has the opportunity to feedback on care received by channel preference.

Monkey Wellbeing is the perfect character to encourage feedback from children and young people.
Healthcare Communications can help with printing surveys featuring Monkey and also inputting data and reporting on results.

To find out more about their fully managed FFT service and real time analysis, get in touch: