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Things to Make and Do!

Monkey has created a range of activities for you to make and do at home, school or nursery, in waiting rooms and whilst staying in hospital.

From celebrations to emotional health, colouring sheets to discussion prompts for where to go for medical help, fun origami games to create and play to Thank You cards.

You might want to take a look at some extra activities on our EYFS and Primary School page too. EYFS and Primary School Resources

There is something for everyone.  Please scroll down and put your creative hat on!

All sorts of things to do for busy little fingers...colouring

Created for children and young people to enjoy, fill and colour in and chat about.

Medical themed colouring sheet

This busy colouring sheet filled with all sorts of medical equipment is a great thing to keep little monkey's busy while they are waiting. Also a good addition to a role play area at school.

Format: pdf - 3 MB

Remember to wash your hands colouring

Soap and water are the best way to eliminate germs and bacteria. This colouring sheet reinforces the message for children and young people. Print it out and pop it in your waiting room so it can be coloured in!

Format: pdf - 312 KB


Things to make and games to play

Make your own Doctor, equipment and more !

Colour in, cut out and create! Your doctor is ready to go to the wards! Monkey's fabulous activity sets to Download and Print. Created for Play in Hospital Week. Monkey Wellbeing is Proud to support NAHPS and Starlight Children’s Foundation celebrating National Play in Hospital Week 2020

Format: pdf - 346 KB

Make your hospital team!

Colour in and cut out - Your hospital team is ready for action! Monkey's fabulous activity sets to Download and Print. Created for Play in Hospital Week. Monkey Wellbeing is Proud to support NAHPS and Starlight Children’s Foundation celebrating National Play in Hospital Week 2020

Format: pdf - 482 KB


Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing

Created to support children and young people’s emotional health and wellbeing; these activities help boost self esteem and encourage kindness towards yourself and others.

Everyone needs a friend who believes in you, and no matter who you are, it’s always lovely to feel appreciated.  Make someone smile today.

Kindness and Confidence Frame

Send some positive messages to your friends, relatives or to yourself! Download these instructions and templates to make a Kindness and Confidence Frame. Create something that will raise a smile every day.

Format: pdf - 307 KB

Kindness Quotes

Kindness is a gift everyone can afford to give. Download this selection of Kindness Quotes to print out, colour in and share.

Format: pdf - 317 KB

Make your own Positive Memory Jar

Create a Jar of Positive Memories. Whenever you need to boost your self esteem, open your Memory Jar, read the messages and look at the pictures, it will make you smile! Download the instructions here.

Format: pdf - 452 KB

Find your Happy Place…..

Take yourself on a little journey in your mind...draw a picture of the place, person or thing you were thinking about. Download the template and instructions here. Sit back, relax and enjoy your journey.

Format: pdf - 101 KB

Paint a Stone! Make someone smile!

Paint a stone with a picture or a positive message. Pop it somewhere people will see it, or display it in your garden (they make great door stops too!) Download the instructions here.

Format: pdf - 614 KB

Grow a Kindness Tree

Create a Kindness tree with messages to make you smile. Print the templates out or make your own, it will fill your room with positive vibes! Download the templates and instructions here.

Format: pdf - 223 KB

Calm Breathing

Sometimes, thinking about your breathing can help you relax. Try breathing in a square when you are sitting quietly. Just sit down, close your eyes and focus on your breath. Download the template and instructions here.

Format: pdf - 340 KB

Make a Worry Box Activity

There are all sorts of things that can make us feel a bit anxious or worried. Making a worry box can help you! Make a Worry Box, post your worries into it, have a think about it and then share your worries if you want to with a friend or a grown up.

Format: pdf - 2 MB

Thank you card

Make someone happy today! Print and decorate this Thank You card and send to someone special. Who will you say Thank You to?

Format: pdf - 99 KB

Thank you NHS

Created during Lockdown. This poster is a great way to say Thank You to the NHS staff and Key Workers looking after you.

Format: pdf - 291 KB



There are so many things to celebrate each year! From Valentine’s Day to Christmas, Passover to Chinese New Year. So much to celebrate.  Click the buttons to find out more.


Diwali Bunting

Festoon your rooms with this gorgeous bunting to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Format: pdf - 5 MB

Diwali Colouring

Decorate your room with this colouring sheet to celebrate Diwali, the Festival of Lights.

Format: pdf - 602 KB


Valentine's Day


Ramadan Mubarak Colouring

Ramadan Mubarak! Celebrate Ramadan with this lovely colouring sheet. Great to help develop fine motor skills too.

Format: pdf - 1 MB




Christmas Chitter Chatter Activity

A festive twist on this origami game Five Gold Rings...Celebrate the Twelve Days of Christmas and make this game to play over the festive season! Pop it on your Christmas Table and have a sing song!

Format: pdf - 3 MB

Fairylight fingerprint cards

Grab your paints and get fingerprinting these beautiful fairy light strings to adorn cards and wrapping paper and gift tags! Suitable for all abilities and really effective!

Format: pdf - 966 KB

Monkey’s Festive colouring (busy)

The build up to Christmas with little monkey's is always magical, but it's a good idea to have something up your sleeve to keep them busy! Print out this Christmas Themed Colouring Sheet and they will be engrossed for a few minutes! Just enough time to prepare a few brussel sprouts! (they make great table mats too!)

Format: pdf - 5 MB

Make your own Festive Crown

Make your own Festive Crown. The perfect way to add sparkle and cheer to your Christmas table and over the festive season. Fit for a King or Queen. (don't forget the glitter!)

Format: pdf - 762 KB

Monkey’s Festive Dot to Dot

Who is hiding under Santa's hat? Have a go at Monkey's fun Christmas themed dot to dot activity. (great for counting, number recognition and sequencing too)

Format: pdf - 149 KB

Festive bauble

Grab your paints and colouring pens and get creative! Add a bit more sparkle to your Christmas tree with this DIY decoration.

Format: pdf - 7 MB

Christmas Table Place Settings

These table place decorations are sure to be a hit over the festive season and will add the WOW factor to your table. (you can hide a gift and joke under them too!)

Format: pdf - 2 MB

Make your own Split-Pin Santa

Make your own split pin Santa! This fun, dancing Santa will make your little monkeys laugh. Great to hang up on a door or window to watch over the festivities.

Format: pdf - 875 KB

Santa Stop Here door hanger

An essential for Christmas Eve! Something to keep your little ones busy while the excitement increases on Christmas Eve!

Format: pdf - 65 KB

Christmas Tree cards

Simple and effective homemade Christmas cards that really make an impact! Suitable for all abilities and you can use the offcuts as gift tags!

Format: pdf - 1,019 KB

Reindeer footprint paper

Everyone needs some reindeer footprint wrapping paper! A fab way to capture tiny little footprints as a memento too! Simply get some paint, paper and bare feet.

Format: pdf - 3 MB

Handprint wreath

Ours is looking a little worse for wear now, but getting messy with little ones and creating a homemade door wreath with little hands is a perfect way to treasure tiny hands when you create a welcoming homemade door wreath. Just get some paint and paper and get going!

Format: pdf - 2 MB

Toilet Roll Candle

Nothing says Christmas as much as a lovingly created loo roll decoration popped on a windowsill. Ours are lovingly pulled out of the Christmas box each year to display; from cotton wool snowmen to wonky Santa's and spectacular Christmas Trees. Get your PVA glue, glitter and get creative!

Format: pdf - 7 MB