Starting School with Monkey

starting-school-1This week was a strange one.

The first week back at nursery after Easter, so really exciting to see lots of friends and hear what they have been up to, or as in our case…. Arrive at school forgetting everything we have done and settling straight down with play dough and cutters! But it is the last term at Nursery. I was surprised to find myself in tears after I dropped off my little boy. Where have the last few years gone? When did my little boy grow up so quickly? What will I do on Friday’s without him? It’s such a big step!

The Nursery teachers have a great term ahead for the Rising 5s, there’s “dressing up” school clothes, practicing getting changed for PE (good luck with that!) and lots of fun activities to set them on the right path.

My little boy is excited about going to ‘Big School’ with his older sister but is worried about wearing the uniform – he has spent the last 4 and a half years dressed as Batman, Spiderman, a tiger, a Super Spider Bat, Captain Puppy, all sorts and the idea of GREY trousers: without even a sparkly stripe down the side! We have decided that superhero pants may be a good idea as he will be a superhero in disguise in his school uniform!

All of this aside, it is a really big deal – getting ready for school when you have no concept of what to expect as a little monkey. Buzzy asked me today with great big sad eyes “is it my last day with my friends today? Have I got to go to Big School tomorrow? “ My heart almost broke. I assured him that he has lots and lots of fabulous fun filled days left with his nursery friends and that some of them will be going to the same Big School with him. However after the next long holiday, he will be going to the same school as his sister – which is so exciting as he will get to see her every day; I wish I could go too!

I’m so pleased we have Monkey’s Guide to Starting School and Monkey Goes to School storybook to share at home. It goes through the school day, from taking the register, to snack time, sitting down for literacy and numeracy as well as going out to play and sharing. Monkey even has a school dinner with his friend. All very exciting! I am so pleased we have this resource to share at home. It has prompted lots of conversation and questions already after sharing it this afternoon after a quick run around at the playground. Buzz has been asking about his peg and drawer and his big sister has been giving top tips about the best places to play hide and seek in the playground.

They set up a Toy School this morning and took turns at being the teacher. I looked on and welled up again – oh my word, there are 13 more weeks until the end of term when we have to say goodbye to the lovely ladies who have looked after my little boy for four years…. Then the whole summer to enjoy, but I already need tissues!


When I was teaching in reception we used to set up a ‘Tea and Tissues’ station in the hall for parents who needed a few minutes to mop their eyes on the first day of term. They would chat and stand on tiptoe to catch a glimpse of their little monkeys as they crept out, worrying that they hadn’t settled, that they were forlorn and bereft… only to see happy smiley children enjoying their play time in the classroom, feeling rather proud they were now ‘Big’.

You can find Monkey’s pack for Starting School here… it’s a lovely gentle way to introduce the next big step for your little one.