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EYFS and Primary School Resources

Schools and Nursery’s are AMAZING to work with and we have loved coming up with new ways to help children and young people to learn.

We’ve got some fantastic resources to help support teachers and children.  Just scroll down and take a look.

You can also find LOTS of THINGS TO MAKE AND DO here https://monkeywellbeing.com/resources/posters-leaflets-activities/


Featured Products for Schools

NHS Explorer Primary and Special School's Project

We worked in collaboration with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement to produce Monkey’s NHS Explorer Primary Resource Pack. It was sent to over 20,000 Primary and Special schools in England. Encouraging children to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle whilst introducing the Emergency Care and Urgent pathways available to children, young people and their families locally.
A series of film clips support this resource and are made accessible to all through a kind donation of BSL translation from ITV SignPost, plus Audio Description from ITFC. (these films can be found on Monkey’s You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/Monkeywellbeing )

The pack was formally evaluated by Liverpool John Moore’s University please see below to read it in full.

To watch a summary of the project just click on the film.

All the resources in the pack are available to download for free.

NHS Explorer Downloads

Browse our selection of downloads for the NHS Explorer pack and much more!

Healthy Eating...

The Eatwell Guide

The Eatwell Guide shows how to achieve a healthy balanced diet. It shows examples of how much of each food group we need to stay healthy. https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/eat-well/food-guidelines-and-food-labels/the-eatwell-guide/

Format: pdf - 176 KB

Food Sorting Sheets

Do you know your carbohydrates from your fibre? Cut out and group these different foods together. Stick them on your Eatwell Plate.

Format: pdf - 1 MB

Healthy Pizza Recipe

Monkey loves cooking! Take a look at this healthy eating version of a pizza, using a wrap as a base. Have a go at making one at home. Write your own ingredients and instructions to share with friends. What is your favourite topping?

Format: pdf - 404 KB


All About Your Body...

Body Puzzle

Cut out the puzzle pieces and put Monkey's body back together.

Format: pdf - 191 KB


What to do if you need medical help...

Health and Wellbeing Scenario Cards – Where can I get help?

In these health and wellbeing educational scenario cards, Monkey finds himself in all sorts of situations, from a bumped head, to constipation, concussion to being bullied. These cards prompt discussion with your class on where to go and how to care for someone who is unwell, injured or feeling poorly. Would you visit the pharmacy, get out your first aid kit, book to see a GP, call NHS 111, visit a Minor Injury Unit (MIU) or go to the Emergency Department. (ED/A&E) Scenario Cards. What is wrong with me? What should I do? Where should I go?

Format: pdf - 6 MB

My Local Health Signpost

A signpost to put up somewhere visible with all your local healthcare numbers. Fill it in and go through it with your family, so everyone knows what to do if there is any emergency.

Format: pdf - 338 KB

First Aid Kit Checklist

Make sure your first aid kit is ready when you need it with this handy checklist. It's always good to be prepared.

Format: pdf - 666 KB


Monkey's Mishap, Comic Strips and Writing Frames...

Monkey’s Mishap Comic Strip

Poor Monkey has had an accident. A story writing frame to encourage children to share their own experience of the NHS after reading all about Monkey's accident at home.

Format: pdf - 773 KB

Comic Strip Writing Frame

Use this writing frame to tell a story about when you have used the NHS. What happened to you? Where did you go for help?

Format: pdf - 260 KB

Picture Frame

Draw a picture in this fab frame! A great way to get your experience of using the NHS onto paper.

Format: pdf - 578 KB


Maths activities...

2D Shape Hunt

Search for these 2D shapes around your home or if you are out and about, draw a picture of what you find.

Format: pdf - 95 KB

3D Shape Hunt

Search for these 3D shapes around your home or if you are out and about, draw a picture of what you find.

Format: pdf - 95 KB

Number Hunt

There are numbers everywhere... keep your eyes peeled and jot them down when you spot them.

Format: pdf - 102 KB


Other fun activities...

Scavenger Hunt

When you are out and about, take a Scavenger Spot it sheet with you and tick off the things if and when you spot them!

Format: pdf - 203 KB

Nature Detective

It's such good fun creeping around to find bugs, beetles and insects! Draw a picture when you find them.

Format: pdf - 117 KB

Timed Letter Lookout Challenge

Make it harder... Set a timer and see if you can spot something that starts with all the letters of the alphabet around your home.

Format: pdf - 118 KB


Posters to pop up around the school...

Tummy Bug/ Norovirus poster

It is no fun at all if you have diarrheoa and vomiting. You want to try and avoid passing on a tummy bug to anyone else. This poster reminds children, young people and families to avoid school, work and nursery for 48 hours after the last time you were sick or had an upset tummy. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/norovirus/

Format: pdf - 855 KB

Catch It, Bin it, Kill it poster

This colourful poster clearly sends a visual message on how to help get rid of germs if you have a cough, cold or virus. Great to display in school and nursery, or on wards and in waiting rooms.

Format: pdf - 5 MB

Please use the hand sanitiser provided

Germs and bacteria are wiped out by hand sanitiser! This poster encourages children, young people and families to use the hand sanitiser provided in your setting.

Format: pdf - 971 KB